Led Panel Light - 4.4mm - Red

  • Red Indicator Light
  • Blue Sea 8066
  • Red Panel Light
  • Blue Sea 8034


RED - LED Indicator Light - Panel Light

These Panel Lights (indicator lights) are tiny, but add a little something extra to your project. How are you going to use them? We're not sure, but we do know you're pretty creative and they'll work great in any lighting project you have as we've tried them with success. 

Use more than one to create a unique panel lighting effect.


  • 120V AC
  • Simple push-in installation mounts in any thickness material
  • For use with any of your lighting projects as a general indicator that power is on.
  • Fits securely in a 11/64" (4.37mm) diameter hole. (We have this 11/64" drill bit available here)
  • Power Consumption: 5 Milliwatts
  • Wire Gauge:  26
  • CE Marked
  • Available in three colors:  Green, Red, Amber


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