Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a retail store we can visit?

Unfortunately, due to the ever-increasing costs of operating a retail brick and mortar store, we are no longer open to the public. Just like most online businesses, we have local pick-up available. 

If you’d like to pick-up your order at our facility, we recommend you follow the below steps:

  1. Call to confirm we can pick & pack your order in a timely manner. (we recommend you give us a few hours notice)
  2. Place your order before you arrive.
  3. Place the order online and choose the “Local Store Pick-up” shipping option.


Can you help me make my light?

To make a light, the minimum parts you need are as follows:

Light Bulb, Light Socket, Wire, and a Plug.

These above parts are the basic minimum requirements to create a light. Everything else is fluff.........all other parts that are added/attached to these parts enables you to create a custom looking light.

We just don't know the measurements (diameters, lengths, radius’s, thicknesses, etc.), of all the particular parts of your project or what you’re building. Even if you provided them, we simply don’t have the time and/or resources to design something for you. We want you to create something on your own….a custom piece you can be proud of.

Think of us like an Auto Parts store. They don’t design a car for you, they sell parts to do-it-yourselfers and mechanics who usually have an idea of how to design/fix/assemble, and build automobiles. We sell lighting parts in the same way.

We can provide the parts and basic lighting knowledge, but we don't create/design the light for you.  Therefore, you just need to select the type/colors/finishes/styles of the above parts and the method in which you are going to attach them to your custom piece. 

There are so many add-ons and possibilities. (we sell over 1700+ items) For example, if you want a switch on your light, you can buy a light socket with a switch or you can buy a switch that attaches to the wire (inline switch), or you can buy a switch that you can build into the piece, or a dimmer switch, or a surface mount switch or maybe you don’t even want a switch.

When creating a light, there are literally thousands upon thousands of possibilities and only limited by your creativity.


What is the difference between Cotton wire & Rayon wire?

Both our cotton and rayon are considered historically accurate reproductions. The difference between the two types of fabric is basically the “look”.  By appearance, cotton is flat and rayon is a little shiny. Kind of like the appearance of paint—flat paint is dull (cotton) in appearance and semi-gloss (rayon) has a little shinier appearance.

Rayon is an imitation of silk (because silk is expensive) and cotton is cotton. The actual copper wire itself and plastic sheathing are the exact same, only the cloth covering (which covers the wire and sheath) are different.

Whether you choose cotton or rayon is a personal preference.


Can you provide a parts list of a light on your website?

The majority of the lights we make are custom lights with custom parts. Sometimes we have extra parts that have been sitting around for years on our warehouse shelves. Most of the time, we don’t even know where we originally got some of the parts. Thus, we're unable to tell you where to find them. Or, the light was made years ago and no longer carry parts that were used to make that particular light.

In addition, many customers take photos of the custom lights they’ve made with some of our parts and they give us permission to use the photos. Most of the time, we have no idea what parts they used to make their custom light and we would not ask them because we respect their hard work and creativity and would not want others infringing on their intellectual property.

For the above reasons, unfortunately, we don’t have available all the parts on all or our lights that are shown on our website.

There’s nothing wrong with the appreciation of others work. Inspiration comes in many forms and if any of the lights we have on our website inspire you to create new designs, then that’s a good thing.

Be original and be proud of your own design and creativity. When making a light, there are literally thousands upon thousands of possibilities, and we encourage you to design something different that you can be proud of.


My Tracking Information shows problems

Although the tracking information may show that a label has been created and nothing more, or a package has stopped, that is not always the case. Most of the time, packages still go to their destination and arrive as they normally would. Many times this happens due to holidays, inclement weather, transportation issues, etc.

But it’s kind of like the old days (before scanning/tracking technology existed). For a hundred years or so, packages were shipped and moved along to their destination without being scanned/tracked and were delivered just fine. We have no idea if that is the case for your particular package, but sometimes the scanning/technology doesn’t work and you may believe that nothing is happening. Yes, packages have been lost and will get lost at times, but it is very rare.

Just because technology isn’t working for your tracking number doesn’t mean they stop the package from continuing on to its final destination—it still moves along. Depending on how far you live from Amherst, Ohio, you’ll probably see yours in the next couple of days. 


Can you tell me how to wire my light?

Not trying to be mean at all, but we cannot tell you how to wire a light/lamp as we cannot be held responsible if something is not wired correctly. There are many tutorials on the internet that may be of help to you.

Here is some general information regarding Electrical Safety and Color Coding:

Even though not all wires carry electrical current, it's best to assume that all wires have the potential to be "live" and carry current.

Black: This is a live “hot” wire carrying electrical current. This is usually connected to a gold or brass colored screw.

White: This is the neutral wire and is usually connected to a silver colored screw.

Green or Bare: This is usually connected to a “ground” or a green screw (if required or available). 

As always, we recommend you seek a licensed/certified electrician for any electrical work, advice, or recommendations


How much wattage can you put on a lamp wire?

Here are commonly recommended Lamp Wire Capacacities for 18 gauge wire

18 AWG - 10 amps - 1200 Watts   (for 50ft or less on nominal 120V AC)

As always, we recommend you seek a licensed/certified electrician for any electrical work, advice, or recommendations


When will I receive my order?

We typically ship within one (1) business day and many times the very same day the order is placed. Once the order leaves our hands, the transit times vary depending on your choice of shipping in the checkout process. Please keep in mind that during holidays, disasters, weather, etc., shipping times are longer than usual.

Here are a few general guidelines:

USPS (Please consult USPS for more detailed information about the accuracy of shipping options and all exceptions to this information)

USPS Ground Advantage:        Approximately 3-9 business days (no time guarantee)

Priority Mail:                            Approximately 2-4 business days including Saturday delivery. (no time guarantee)

Priority Express:                      1-2 day (except Sundays) to most U.S. Locations but not every location... depends on where you live. Your order is shipping from Amherst, Ohio and our zip code is 44089. (no time guarantee)

UPS   (Please consult UPS for more detailed information about the shipping options)

UPS Ground                                Please See map below

UPS 2nd Day Air                           2 business days within the continental U.S. (does not include Sat/Sun or holidays)

UPS Next Day Air                          1 business day within the continental U.S. (does not include Sat/Sun or holidays, typically delivers by 12 noon)

UPS Next Day Air Saver                1 business day within the continental U.S. (does not include Sat/Sun or holidays. Typically delivers by 11:59pm)

*Please note that UPS does not pick-up on the weekends. Therefore, we do not ship any UPS packages on Saturday or Sunday. They will ship the next business day. 



Do you ship internationally?

Regarding international shipping, we are only shipping to Canada until further notice. 


Where are your products made?

Unfortunately, almost 95% of the electrical products available in the United States (from any seller) are manufactured overseas. Even the “big name” American companies that sell electrical products get their products or a component of their products oversees. (just look at the fine print on the box.)

In addition, many suppliers of these products and components present themselves in a way in which they only sell “American made” products. That is impossible in this day and age—unless they are selling you used parts that were indeed made many years ago in the U.S.

The fact of the matter is; if you’re trying to buy electrical products that are only made in America, you won’t find all the components needed to complete your project. Sorry…but it’s the truth.

Yes, we carry products that are made in the United States, but we also have to sell products that are made overseas. We are currently working with local businesses to manufacture some of our components for us. Our goal is always to sell American made products when we can.

And oh, by the way…the clothes you’re wearing, the car you’re driving, the light switch you turn on every morning, the appliance you’re using, the phone you’re dialing, and the computer screen you’re reading this sentence with………..most of, some of, or all of the components of these products are indeed made overseas.


Do you offer wholesale pricing or discounts?

Here at Vintage, we offer quantity pricing. The more you purchase the more you save. The discount can range anywhere from 5%-65% depending on the product. For example, if you buy 15 feet of twisted wire you’ll pay $1.35 per foot. If you buy 250 feet of wire you’ll pay .85 per foot. That is wholesale pricing at a nice discount.

Our goal is to build loyal business relationships and as you know, relationships go two ways. Both parties benefit, not just one.  If you’d like to begin a long-term business relationship with us and reap the benefits of such (further discounts, same-day shipping, priority service, quality products, etc.), then we’d be more than happy to discuss the possibility of further small discounts on some products.

If you own a verifiable brick and mortar store or are going to order large amounts annually, we may be able to provide you with a few small discounts on many of our products. Please contact us and let us know a little about your business (store name, location, website, etc.) and the approximate amount you would spend with our company per year.  

Our competitive pricing, world class service, and superior products have helped thousands upon thousands of satisfied and loyal customers and we can surely help you as well.

We look forward to hearing more about you so we can review your information.


What does it mean if a product is UL Listed, or Approved?

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a private company which performs product testing and certification as well as many other things. UL is not part of the government, but rather an independent organization.

UL Approval: There is no such thing.   

UL Listed: This means that UL has tested representative samples of the product and determined that it meets their very own requirements.

According to the UL website, manufacturers submit products to UL for testing and safety certification on a voluntary basis.

Just so you know, there are no laws specifying that a UL Mark must be used on any products. The federal government (or your local government) can't specify a product be tested by any specific private organization. That would be unfair. They can certainly specify safety standards, but they can't force a person/business to use one private organization. 


Are your products UL Listed or UL Recognized?

Many of our products are and some are not. Please see the actual description on the product page. 


What does the size IPS mean?

IPS simply means Iron Pipe Size. Piping is a general term used to describe any hollow, cylindrical carrier of liquids. Many piping materials are used to produce pipe and tubing. Piping and tubing made of the same materials generally use different kinds of fittings.

All piping made to the OD (Outside Diameter) of wrought iron pipe is referred to as being Iron Pipe Size, or IPS. The OD of most pipes is the controlling dimension in order to match with fittings. When the term OD or (Outside Diameter) is used, the dimension being referred to is always the actual diameter unless proceeded by the phrase “nominal”.

Nominal size is a term used for the comparative sizes of piping and tubing rather than the actual dimensions.

Also keep in mind that most Iron pipe has tapered threads and lamp tubing and pipe has straight threads. 


What light sockets will your Nostalgic bulbs fit in?

Any standard light socket. The actual size is considered a medium base E26. This is the most common light socket in America.


Why are the majority of your Edison bulbs 40W and not 60W?

A Nostalgic Edison Bulb is designed for appearance, not bright illumination. When you use a small bulb that is over 40 watts, it is very hard to see the cool looking nostalgic filament. If you can’t see the filament (like modern day bulbs) it defeats the purpose of a nostalgic bulb.  If you want bright lights, nostalgic bulbs are never the best choice.


What is the difference between SPT-1 wire and SPT-2?

The wire is exactly the same. The plastic jacket is slightly smaller on the SPT-1

SPT-1 = .03" insulation

SPT-2 = .045" insulation 


Regarding Light Bulbs, what is the difference between Watts and Lumens?

Watts measures energy use and Lumens measures brightness. 


What gauge wire do you offer?

Almost all of our wire is 18 gauge. The only exception at this time is our overbraid wire which is thicker 16 gauge. 


How do I remove any galvanised coating on an unfinished product?

Simply use a Scotch Pad, Brillo Pad, or Fine Steel Wool and it easily comes off. 


What is your return policy?

In a nutshell, since electrical products can pose safety hazards, we do not return bulbs, wire, custom-made products, electrical devices (switches, dimmers, etc.), or products that could have been used. You can return a product if it is in new condition. We do not accept returns after fifteen (15) days you received the product.

If you need to return an item, please contact us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond with instructions, further information, and also provide you with an RMA#. We do not accept returns without an RMA#.




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