Lamp Shade - 6" - Perforated Steel - Antique Black Finish

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Toledo 6" Steel Perforated Shade - Antique Black Finish

Throw away those old fabric shades and use this for your next light creation. It has an industrial rustic look that's different than the normal traditional lamp shades out there. Use it as a hanging pendant shade or a lamp shade, or anything else you can imagine.   

If you want to change the finish, simply paint it yourself and distress if needed. 

This shade, like most of our shades, is hand-made with lots of character. It is not a "stamped perfect" piece like you find in one of those local "big box" stores. So there there may be slight nicks, scratches, tool marks, embellishments, etc., all included at no additional cost. :)


  • Hand-made
  • 6" diameter
  • 5" Height
  • Perforated Steel with Black finish
  • Spider Ring center hole is 13/32" (threaded rod/nipple fit through nicely)

**Fixtures, sockets, wire, and other products and such that may be shown in our pictures are not included and are for photographic purposes only.  This listing is for the shade only (with spider attached). 

When a standard size socket is installed in this shade, you might want to select the shortest bulb you can find because it will stick out of the bottom slightly.We used this one  Small LED GLOBE and it worked great.   If you're using a candelabra socket with this, your bulb won't stick out. (the height of this shade is 5")

To Make the Light (w/one shade) in the photo for this listing, here's what we did:

--This Shade in Antique Black

--One Pipe Room Canopy (we used this as our base)

--One 8" Long 1/8-IPS Iron Pipe

--One Pipe Reducing Coupling (you will also need a 1-1/2" long threaded rod (nipple) and hex nut to attach this to the base.

--One Decorative Coupling

--One Lamp Socket w/Pull-chain (702-BL)

--Two Washers (One goes between spider and socket and one goes between base and bottom hex nut)

--One 1/2" Long Threaded Rod/Nipple (goes through the washer and the spider into the coupling)

--One LED small White Globe Bulb

You will also need to get feet for the base (we created some of spare parts we had laying around) to raise it up so the power cord is underneath OR just drill a hold in the base so the power cord can exit. 

We don't have all the parts to make the light with two shades that is in one of the photos. We also would never make it again because it was a pain in the neck. unfortunately, we cannot provide a parts list or help/suggestions to make that light. 

We have no instructions and we have no kits. We encourage you to use your creativity and create something different.

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