Iron Pipe - 1/8 - Threaded on both ends

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  • Iron Pipe 1/8
  • Iron Pipe - 1/8 - Threaded on both ends


1/8 Black Iron Pipe - Threaded on each end


This listing is for black pipe that is threaded on each end. Each piece is sent raw and may have a little surface rust.  


Black Pipe is mainly used for gas, but we are selling it here to be used for a various applications for your next lamp/light (not gas). Our twisted wire does fit through the tubing (cloth-covered round wire does NOT fit in tube), but we recommend you use our plastic internal wire for inside the pipe if you are going to use it for that.

The threads are designed to fit iron pipe fittings because they are slightly tapered, and NOT intended to fit 1/8 IPS Lamp/Light threads. They work, but fitting in light sockets is not it's intended purpose. We used this piping for "looks" in one of the pictures in this listing and only connected the proper 1/8 pipe fittings.  

Please keep in mind that the picture of the "orange tubes and pipes" in this listing is a custom piece. We do not have all the parts available that were used to make this light. It was custom built of various parts and pieces. We do sell some of the parts (iron pipe, some fittings, base, bulbs, sockets, etc., but not everything. 



  • Material: Black Iron Pipe
  • Length: Various lengths (choose whichever length you would like..... priced per piece)
  • Outside Diameter:    approx. 13/32"  (a little over 3/8")
  • Inside Diameter: approx. 1/4"
  • Threaded on each end



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