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Sputnik Housing - Cast Aluminum - Nickel finish

Our cool Sputnik Housing allows you to create an awesome light. With over 80 random holes (all of them threaded 1/8-IPS) you can use it for a table lamp, a cool pendant in which the bulb is inside, or you can put sockets/bulbs on the outside. We give you a sphere with holes everywhere and you create whatever you want. 


  • 6" in diameter (not perfectly round)
  • Made of cast aluminum and finished in satin nickel. 
  • Main cap and hole is 2-3/4" and is threaded. Screws on/off easily
  • Over 80+ random holes threaded 1/8-IPS

This listing is for the ball housing only. It does not include any wire, lights, sockets, rods/tubes, finials, etc. A few pictures may show an entire light, but that is for photographic purposes only to give you an idea of what you can do with this cool housing. 

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