Pipe Adjustable Elbow - 1/2" Clutch Elbow - Antique Black

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Adjustable Pipe Elbow - Clutch Swivel Elbow - Antique Black

Here's a cool product to help you with your 1/2" Pipe Lights. We created it so you would have some options. You can use it as a swivel (that has teeth), a decorative piece, or a housing for your wire connections. So many uses and it's only available here....at Vintage Wire and Supply

Both ends are female threaded 1/2-FNPT. It's a Two-Piece Design so that you can easily take apart and put together. 

It comes standard with a small black wing nut, but if you want to add a little pizazz to this clutch elbow, you can get one of our knobs/wheels/handles that have a 1/4-20 threading and they'll screw right onto this piece (see photo). You could also use any of our other handles that are threaded 1/8-IPS and insert a simple reducing insert inside that handle so it will work with this. 

Do you have multiple lights hanging down from the ceiling and need to tie them together at one location? This is your ticket. Your multiple wires go up through the bottom hole and then one wire comes out the top (if you connect them) to your power source.  

Of course this piece CANNOT be used with any type of pipe that uses gas or liquid. It will definately leak and that's not good. This product is only for decorative purposes only. 


  • Cast Aluminum
  • Has teeth 
  • Each end is threaded for 1/2" Black Pipe/Galvanized Pipe
  • Antique Black finish has a close resemblence to 1/2" pipe
  • Measures approx 4-3/8" end-to-end
  • Middle diameter is approx. 2-3/8"
  • Comes standard with one (1) 1/4-20" stud and one (1) black wingnut. 
  • This product is shown in the pictures with other parts and with a light. These pictures are just to give you an idea of how this can be used. You will receive the clutch elbow only. 

Product Disclaimer

*Please note that this product may have nicks, scratches, smudges, tool marks, embellishments, flawed finish, etc. We’ve done this purposely to create a character not found on modern day off-the-shelf products to differentiate our products from others. Finishes are not meant to be perfect, but old, sometimes distressed, and grungy looking. You're welcome! All of the blemishes and imperfections are included at no additional charge. If you're looking for mass-produced parts with perfect finishes and no flaws, then most of our products are probably not for you. In other words, if you're very "particular", we recommend you visit some of those big box stores and buy the same parts everyone else buys… just say’n. :)

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