Lamp Base - Cast Aluminum - Round - 10" - Pewter Finish

  • Table Lamp Base
  • Plumen Light Bulb
  • MotorHead Lamp
  • 10" Lamp Base - Aluminum
  • Starry Lights


Cast Aluminum Lamp Base - 10" - Pewter Finish


Our cast aluminum Lamp Base is great for that next custom light project you're making or purchase our 8 x 12 Glass Dome and make a real cool lamp/light enclosed in glass. 


  • Cast Aluminum (finished in a Pewter-style finish)
  • Fits our 8" x 12" Glass Dome nicely
  • Base measures 10" in diameter (7-5/8" top rim)
  • Height 2-3/8"
  • Center hole is 13/32"
  • Weighs 2lb 3oz
  • There are no designs etched in side like our other aluminum decorative base
  • Three "feet" on bottom to allow wire to come out of bottom
  • Please keep in mind that there are nicks, scratches, embellishments, rough areas, etc.,   that is the way we had them made. All of this character is included at no additional charge. 


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