Kensington Shade - 11" - Antique Copper

  • Kensington Pendant Shade
  • Industrial Pendant Light
  • two-piece metal shade
  • Metal Pendant shade
  • Indistrial shade


11" Kensington Metal Shade - Antique Copper finish

Measuring 11" diameter, our hand-spun two-piece shade is ready for your next project.    


  • 11" diameter
  • 7-1/2" Total Height
  • 7/16" center hole in top piece and also in bottom piece (distance between holes is 3-3/4")
  • Please keep in mind that our shades are not perfect. You may find scratches, imperfections, slight dents, blemishes, etc. This is the way we make them. If you want mass-assembled perfection, we recommend you visit the big box stores. 

*A little help...

If you're using a strain relief on top, we recommend you use a 3-1/2" nipple (threaded rod) with a coupling on the inside of the top piece. Screw the strain relief that is on top into the coupling that is under the top piece. (the top piece is in between those two pieces) You will visually see the strain relief on top but not the coupling underneath. Then screw the nipple into the coupling and the socket into the nipple. 

If you're using a hook or a loop on top, we recommend you us a 4-1/4" nipple (threaded rod). Attach the loop or hook on top to the nipple and then attach the socket on bottom of shade. 

In the photo in which a complete light is shown hanging, we are using one of our Lantern style Edison bulbs because it has a lower profile. If you use a larger bulb, it might stick out of the bottom too far for your liking. But then again, some people like the bulb to stick out of the bottom to be seen. 

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