Green & Yellow Cotton Overbraid - Cloth-Covered Electrical Wire - 16 Gauge - Bulk Roll

  • Overbraid Fan cord
  • Antique Fan Wire


Green & Yellow Cotton Overbraid - Cloth Covered Cord 16-Gauge Electrical Wire.

Need to add some zing and spunk to your old antique fan, lamp, light, or anything you've just created? This vintage style cloth-covered wire is perfect to rewire an old antique to make it stand-out in striking contrast to modern-day replacement cords. Or, if you've just created something on your own, this wire will finish it in style.

The 3-conductors are twisted together under the cloth. The cloth is braided over those wires creating an overbraid. 

All of our 3-Conductor wire can be used as 2-conductor wire simply by snipping off the 3rd wire (ground wire). If you're only using 2-conductors, (not using a ground wire) there's no need for a third.  

  • Overbraid Cloth-Covered, 3-Conductor Cord, 16 Gauge Wire.
  • This is NOT perfectly round cord. If you want perfectly round pulley cord, go here: Round Cloth-Covered Wire
  • Approximately 9/32" in diameter.
  • Maximum: 300 Volts, 105 degrees Centigrade
  • Sold in 25ft, 50ft, or 100 ft rolls or buy it by the foot if you need smaller amounts.



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