Deluxe Antique Fan Restoration Kit

  • Deluxe Antique Fan Restoration Kit
  • Antique Fan Rewire
  • Vintage Acorn Plug
  • Fan Wick
  • Rubber Grommets
  • Antique Fan & Lamp Base Felt
  • Heatshrink
  • Zoomspout Oiler


 Our Deluxe Antique Fan Restoration Kit is perfect to spice-up and refurbish that old vintage fan.


This Deluxe Universal Vintage Fan Restoration Kit includes the following:

  • One 8-foot piece of 18 Gauge, 2-Conductor, Cloth-Covered Twisted Wire in your choice of color. (BLACK COTTON wire  is shipped unless otherwise specified)
  • Headwire: One 17" twisted piece of wire that matches the eight-foot piece and an extra 17" piece of wire so that you can twist it together to create a matching 3-wire headwire  
  • Oil: One 4 oz sealed bottle of Zoomspout Oil
  • Wicks: Three 2" pieces of replacement wicks. (you will receive  three different sizes:  1/8", 3/16", 1/4"  trim the length to fit)
  • Plug: One Antique replica Black Round Plug (this is not attached to the wire)
  • Felt: Four pieces of 12" x 9" Felt (Trim to size. You get Black, Charcoal Gray, Green, and Brown colored felt...use one color now and save the others for your next restoration.)
  • Grommets: Eight pairs of different size black Rubber Grommets. (16 grommets total... each pair is a different size--you use the ones you need and keep the rest for your next restoration.)
  • Heat Shrink: You get three different sizes of heatshrink for your electrical connections. 
If you need individual parts, see our other listings.  If you don't need all this stuff in one kit, see our other listings for the Standard Restoration Kit.
Please specify what cloth-covered color wire you want: Copper, Black Cotton, RedBronzeGreenGray Cotton, Tan Cotton, Brown Cotton, Vintage Wine Cotton            
(Please keep in mind that the colors may vary slightly based on your computer screen.)
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