Antique Fan Restoration Kit

  • Antique Fan Restoration Kit
  • Antique Fan Rewire
  • Fan Wick
  • Rubber Grommets
  • Old Fan Rewire Kit
  • Antique Fan & Lamp Base Felt
  • Antique Acorn Plug


 Antique Fan Restoration Kit

Our antique/vintage Fan Restoration Kit is perfect to spice-up and refurbish that old antique fan that needs some TLC.

This Universal Vintage Fan Restoration Kit includes the following:

  • One 8-foot piece of 18 Gauge, 2-Conductor, Cloth-Covered Twisted Wire in your choice of color. (please specify color)
  • Headwire: One 17" piece of wire that matches the eight-foot piece and an extra 17" piece of wire so that you can twist it together to create a matching 3-wire headwire  
  • Three 2" pieces of replacement wicks. (you will receive  three different sizes:  1/8", 3/16", 1/4"  trim the length to fit)
  • One Antique replica Black Round Plug (this is not attached to the wire)
  • One piece of 12"x9" (trim to size) You choose the color.
  • Eight pairs of different size black rubber grommets. (16 grommets total... each pair is a different size--you use the ones you need.)
Please specify what cloth-covered color wire you want: Copper, Black, RedBronzeGreenGray, and more.......                   
(Please keep in mind that the colors may vary slightly based on your computer screen.)
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