Concave Metal Shade - Unfin. Steel - 12"

  • Steel Shade
  • Steel Industrial Shade
  • 12" metal Industrial Shade


12" Concave Metal Shade - Unfinished Steel

This unfinished Solid Steel Concave Shade is a perfect DIY piece. Left unfinished, it already has a slight patina that many prefer. Or, you can polish it up yourself or put your own style of finish on it. This hand spun shade has a 2-1/4" neck.


  • 12" Diameter Concave Shade
  • Hand-spun by the art of Metal Spinning
  • 2" Height
  • Solid Steel
  • 2-1/4" Neck
  • Works with all of our 2-1/4" Fitters 

*Fixtures, wire, sockets, strain reliefs, etc., are not included. This is for the shade only. Shown assembled for photographic purposes only.

*Please keep in mind that this canopy is unfinished and hand-spun. It may contain scratches, slight imperfections, tool marks, embellishments, etc., because they are custom-made by the art of Metal Spinning. These are not stamped on a machine. You can certainly buff out any imperfections if that's the look you'd like or you can keep it as is for some character. 

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