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Burlap Rope Wire (sold by the foot)

Our burlap rope is a unique way to add or enhance a nautical, country, or industrial look to that special room or location. This listing is sold by the foot. This rope has 2-conductor wire (black & white) round running through the center of it. 

To make a simple rope light, just add a socket and bulb on one end and a plug to the other end and there you go. 

  • This rope wire is sold by the foot (if you want 8 feet of wire, put "8" in the Add to Cart field). 
  • 18 Gauge 2-conductor SVT Wire
  • Wire underneath the burlap cloth is UL Listed wire
  • Rated to 105 degrees
  • Rope is approx 1/4" - 3/8" in diameter. (it can fit in our strain reliefs for ROUND wire, but it is difficult. We recommend cutting the wire at an angle and twisting it as you insert it through the strain relief)
  • There are NO hardware, sockets, plugs, bulbs, etc. with this listing. It is just round wire (2 conductors inside: black & white) covered/braided in a "burlap" cloth.   
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