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Burlap Rope Wire (sold by the foot)

Our burlap rope is a unique way to add or enhance a nautical, country, or industrial look to that special room or location. This listing is sold by the foot. This rope has 2-conductor wire (black & white) round running through the center of it. 

To make a simple rope light, just add a socket and bulb on one end and a plug to the other end and there you go. 

  • This rope wire is sold by the foot (if you want 8 feet of wire, put "8" in the Add to Cart field). 
  • 18 Gauge 2-conductor SVT Wire
  • Wire underneath the burlap cloth is UL Listed wire
  • Rated to 105 degrees
  • Rope is approx 1/4" - 3/8" in diameter. (can fit in our strain reliefs for ROUND wire)
  • There are NO hardware, sockets, plugs, bulbs, etc. with this listing. It is just round wire (2 conductors inside: black & white) covered/braided in a "burlap" cloth.   
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