Teardrop Glass Shade - 18"

  • Teardrop Glass Shade
  • Teardrop Glass Shade - 18"
  • large Chandelier


The 18" Teardrop Glass Shade

When we asked to have this glass shade custom made for us, we knew we wanted something different. So we decided to put a 2-1/4" neck on the top so you could make it into a light. Whether you want to put a bunch of them together and create an awesome chandelier or just use one as a simple pendant, you've come to the right place.

These are hand-blown and yes, they have plenty of distortions. They are full of character and slightly different than what you'll find at your local mass-produced big-box store. Enjoy. 


  • Hand-blown Glass Shade 
  • Measures approximately 18" tall
  • Approximately 8" diameter at widest point
  • The top neck is 2-1/4" (fits our 2-1/4" Shade holders)
  • Bottom is flat so that you could use it as a large glass vase as well
  • These hand-blown shades are not meant to be perfect. It is subject to imperfections such as bubbles, chill lines, "seeds", and striations. This is the character of hand blown glass which makes it unique.........all at no additional charge.
  • If this is shipping to anywhere west of Texas (or surrounding areas), please contact us regarding shipping costs. Due to the size and weight, the shipping calculator may not calculate this properly and it might charge too little or too much. We can provide you with a more accurate cost if you send us an email or give us a call. 
  • This product is NOT included in any free shipping promotions since it is so large and fragile
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