Single Conductor Wire - 18 Gauge - Brown - Nylon Covered Wire

  • Brown cloth wire
  • brown single conductor wire
  • 1-conductor wire
  • Single Conductor Wire
  • Fabric WIre


Brown - Single Conductor 18-Gauge Electrical Wire. (AWM - Appliance Wiring Material)

18/1 Single Conductor AWM 105-Degree Nylon Fabric fixture wire. 

This wire is commonly found on old chandeliers for wiring arms or weaving up the chain.  

  • 18 Gauge single conductor wire
  • Nylon Fabric-covered wire
  • Fabric covering is BROWN and Sheathing is BLACK
  • Stranded 1-Conductor Wire
  • Sold by the foot, 25 ft roll, 50 ft roll, or 250 ft roll




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