Reducing Insert Coupling - Solid Brass - 1/4-27 x 1/8 IPS - with Shoulder

GB - RE4/20FX1/8MS
  • 1/4-27 insert w/shoulder
  • Reducing coupling with shoulder


Solid Brass Reducing Insert Coupling - 1/8 IPS to 1/4-27 - w/shoulder

For when you need to go from 1/8 IPS to 1/4-27 or vice-versa. 

If you are using these with 1/8 Iron Pipe Fittings, you may need to ream out the pipe fittings with a tap because pipe fittings have tapered threads and these are made for lamp fittings with straight threads. 

  • Material: Solid Brass w/shoulder
  • Male threads are 1/8 IPS (3/8-27)
  • Female threads are 1/4-27"
  • Another version is available without a "shoulder" here: Reducing Insert



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