Parlor Shade 7" - Antique Black

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7" Parlor Shade - Antique Black

Image walking down a street in London and you glance over and see an Ice-cream Parlor. You then open the door, walk inside, and notice 3 incredible Pendant Shades hanging over their counter. These are our new Parlor Shades. Beautiful. Magnificent. Our exclusive shades were created to replicate the same ones hanging in that Parlor.   

No, you don't have to own an ice-cream parlor to get your hands on one or two of these. They'll look great over an island, table, or any place you can dream of. Works with our 2-1/4" shade holders/fitters. Great for Table Lamps as well. 

Four (4) colors: Satin Black, Solid Copper, Antique Black, unfinished 


  • Actual bottom diameter is 7" 
  • 5-1/4" Height
  • Made of Steel 
  • 2-1/4" Neck
  • Interior of the shade is the same color and material as the outside of the shade
  • Works with all of our 2-1/4" Fitters (check them out in the "Shade Holders & Fitters" product category) 

*This shade may be shown with hardware, fixtures, lamps, for photographic purposes. This listing is for the shade only....nothing else is included. Please keep in mind that since these are handmade shades, they may have slight blemishes in them. They are hand-spun and not "stamped" like many others. 

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