House Number - 5 - Cast Metal - Two-Piece Design

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  • House Number - 5 - Cast Metal - Two-Piece Design
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House or Mailbox Numbers in Cast Metal - This listing is for the number "5".

Introducing our new 2-piece design cast aluminum numbers. You can certainly use them for anything you'd like, but many use them for numbers on your house and/or mailbox.

What's cool about this number is that you can paint it yourself to match your house. (Click on "Video" tab on this listing) Matter of fact, since it's a two-piece design, you can paint the number in two colors if you'd like. (see sample photos) 

Try as you may, but you won't find any other house numbers like this. We designed them and cast them out of aluminum so they will never rust. They are not perfectly smooth because we created them to have a "rough" "old" look to them. They're not cheap plastic either. Not being mean, but if you want perfect house numbers that are cheap plastic, the big box stores have a lot of them so that your house can look the same as everyone else's on the block. :(

But if you're looking for something different... something that will add some pizazz to your home, these numbers are the ticket. They are NOT painted and will arrive at your house in an unfinished state. All you have to do is take them out of the box, paint them the color of your choice, then attach them to whatever you want. There you go........ simple and easy. (Click on the "Video" Tab in this listing to see a video)

Or, you can create a cool frame for these out of wood or metal and mount them to what you make. Opportunities are endless.

This listing is for one number. Some of the photographs may show multiple numbers, but that is because we want to show you how they will look together and in different colors. The number you receive is unfinished and unpainted.

-- Cast Aluminum Metal (will not rust)
-- Measures approx. 4-1/2" H x 3" W x 1/2" thick (meets house number codes)
-- Two-Piece Design
-- 2 mounting screws are included

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