Glass Cylinder - Hand Blown - 3" x 8"

  • Glass Tube Light
  • Glass cylinder
  • Glass Tube
  • 3" Glass Shade


8" Hand-Blown Clear Cylinder Chimney

Measuring 8" height, our glass shade is a perfect piece for that next project or special lamp. Many different uses. 

Please keep in mind that just like in days gone by, it may have imperfections. Simply put, we don't like to use things off the assembly line that are perfect. We're not trying to be mean, but if you want mass-produced perfect stuff, you're in the wrong shop. Go to your local "big-box" store for that junk. 


  • 8" Height
  • 3" Diameter
  • 2.2mm Thickness
  • Hand-Blown Glass may have imperfections such as lines and bubbles

*Fixtures, sockets, hardware, etc., that may be in our pictures are not included and are for photographic purposes only.  This listing is for the glass cylinder only. 

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