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Mason Jar Plug-In Light Kit (with 12ft of Wire & Plug

Our Deluxe Plug-in Mason Jar Light Kit allows you to assemble your own light and save yourself some money. 

This Kit includes the following:

--Vented Lid (your choice of Black, Antique Black, or Rust)

--Phenolic Light Socket with one ring (your choice of keyed or keyless)

--Matching Strain Relief (for use with twisted cloth-covered wire)

--Twelve (12) feet of Twisted Cloth-Covered Wire (your choice of color)

--Black Vintage-style Plug (you can plug your light into any electrical outlet) 

These kits fit any standard size jar Mason/Ball jar (do not fit the wide-mouth jars). (Jar is not included) Also fits our Frosted Dome Shade

We knew you'd ask........... The photo of the Beautiful Blue Mason Jar Light was made with our Sky Blue Twisted Wire, this particular kit, and a Limited Edition Blue Jar we purchased a few years ago. We also topped it off with an additional Ring at the top of the socket (there is 1 ring on top and 1 ring under the lid. This kit does NOT include the blue jar in the photo. 

This kit will work with our Frosted Dome Shade to create a unique light. (Shown in 3rd photo w/ flowers in background)

Please note that this kit is unassembled and does not include instructions. We are assuming that you know how to wire electrical products or you wouldn't be buying these. If you're not sure, please seek a qualified electrician. 

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