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Charleston Universal Shade Holder

Our new Charleston Universal Shade Holder will give you the ability to add an upscale unique look to just about any pendant shade with a 7/16" hole, a 2-1/4" neck, or a 3-1/4" neck.  

With this listing, you receive the Shade Holder main body that is designed to fit on top of a hole that is 7/16". If you want to add the optional 2-1/4" or 3-1/4" adapter to work with your shade, choose the option that applies above.  

The overall height is 4-7/8" and is made of cast aluminum. (for more measurements, please see picture in this listing)

The center hole is 7/16" and goes all the way through the piece (hole is not threaded). The decorative balls (on the right and left) are removeable and the screws on each ball are threaded 10/24. 

We include one (1) black female strain relief and one (1) 3" nipple which connects your socket (not included) to the female strain relief. Any of our standard keyless sockets will work because the socket will be under your shade and not seen. (socket not included)

This product is designed for twisted cloth-covered wire (2-conductor) and is not designed for round cloth-covered wire because that thick of wire won't go through a standard lamp nipple. (the included nipple is required to hold your socket in place)

To create a pendant with a stem (tube), you can use our tubing and couplings. The tubing fits through the center hole and will screw into the socket below. 


  • Made of Cast Aluminum (great quality) and finished in Black
  • One (1) Main Body, one (1) Black Female Strain Relief and one (1) 3" Pipe Nipple are included. See photo labeled "Image 4"
  • The 2-1/4" and 3-1/4" adapters are optional and not included in this listing unless you select that option above. 
  • Center hole is 7/16" and goes all the way through the piece
  • For specific measurements, please see picture

*This shade holder is shown with shades, wire, and fixtures for photographic purposes only. This listing is for the shade holder body, 3" nipple, and female strain relief (See the picture labeled "Image 4"). 

Please keep in mind that this piece may have slight nicks, scratches, dents, chips, blemishes, etc. They are not meant to be perfect. All of these imperfections are included at no additional charge. 


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