Cable Tie - Wire Wrap - Cord Organizer - Black - 50-Pack

  • Black cord wrap
  • Cord organizer
  • Velcro Cable
  • Velcro Cable Ties


Cable Tie - Wire Wrap - Cord Organizer Holder- 50-Pack - BLACK

Our Wire Wraps are the perfect product for your lamp/light wires. We've been using these for over 10 years and everyone loves them. They add value to your light because they keep your power cord organized and tidy. 

These are reusable and made of flexible fabric material. There is no writing or printing on them...they are blank. 


  • This listing is for one (1) 50-Pack (if you want 50 pcs, order a quantity of 1, If you want 100 pcs, order a quantity of 2, etc.)
  • Hook & Loop Design (velcro-style)
  • Size: 7" Long and 7/8" wide
  • Reuseable Detachable Design
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Available in four (4) colors: White, Black, Brown, Red
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