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Barn Beam Bracket

Making a wood barn beam light/chandelier? We have just the product for you!. Our Beam Bracket was designed to help you create that special light you're making. It is four-sided and has holes on each side to accommodate your creative designs. You can use a couple of 2x4's (as we did in the pictures of our completed lights) or use beautiful beam of walnut, oak, cherry, etc., cut to size. 

It's not just for a hanging light, but you can use it for anything you'd like. 


  • Solid Aluminum w/ black finish
  • Four-Sided
  • Two opposite sides have 5 holes and the two other opposite sides have 2 holes
  • Center Holes are 7/16" so you can put threaded rod, or piping through. 
  • Smaller Holes are 3/16" and our 8-32 threaded studs fit those nicely.  
  • Inside Diameter is 3-5/8" square (fits two 2x4's w/gap in center or any other wood beam you cut to size 
  • You can also use our Beam Bracket End Caps to create an awesome wood beam light 
  • This listing is for the bracket only. We have shown this bracket in photos with a few different completed lights for illustration purposes only. All of the other parts/ accessories shown in the photos are not included. 


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