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Aviation Desk Clock

This isn't a light or parts for a light, but maybe you know an aviation enthusiast (maybe yourself) who could use a sweet gift that resembles a pilot's yoke.

This is that gift. 

Limit amount available! (Last time we had these they sold out fast.) 


  • Made of Solid Cast Aluminum
  • Weighs a little over 3 pounds
  • Clock requires AA Batteries (not included)
  • Clock compartment removes with two screws

Product Disclaimer

*Please note that this product may have nicks, scratches, smudges, tool marks, embellishments, flawed finish, etc. We’ve done this purposely to create a character not found on modern day off-the-shelf products to differentiate our products from others. Finishes are not meant to be perfect, but old and grungy looking. You're welcome! All of the blemishes and imperfections are included at no additional charge. If you're looking for mass-produced parts with perfect finishes and no flaws, then most of our products are not for you. In other words, if you're very "particular", we recommend that you visit some of those big box stores (and some of our competitors) so you can buy the same parts/supplies everyone else has… just say’n. :)


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