3-Light Socket Cluster

  • Light CLuster
  • 3-Cluster Light
  • 3-Light Socket Cluster
  • 3 CLuster Socket
  • Multiple light socket
  • Pendant cluster
  • Phenolic Base 3-cluster
  • Industrial lamp


Phenolic 3-Light Socket Cluster 

Our beautiful Black Phenolic Cluster Sockets are just the product you need for your lighting projects which require multiple bulbs. Lightweight. Cost Effective. 

This particular product does NOT have a switch.  


  • UL Listed
  • Standard E26 size (fits any standard E-26 Medium-Base Light Bulbs)
  • Threaded Rod/nipple on top is threaded 1/8 IPS and 5/8" length
  • 660w/250v
  • Overall Height is 3" (includes height of nipple)
  • 12" wire leads already attached
  • Very Easy to work with
  • Black Phenolic

These work great with our Mesh shades

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