Here’s a quick description of the various sockets we have in stock:

100-Series (Porcelain Sockets)

These are probably the most basic sockets that have been around for years. They’re a great value for the money. They’re made of porcelain, work very well, and handle higher wattage bulbs. These sockets are the shortest of all our sockets.

200-Series (Phenolic Sockets)

The word “phenolic” is a nice word for “plastic”. These are inexpensive sockets for use when you either won’t see the socket or want to save some cash.

300-Series (Aluminum Sockets)

These inexpensive sockets are much like the ones you find in your local hardware store (ours are less money though and better quality). They “push” together after connected. These are designed to not come apart after connected.

400-Series (Candelabra E-12 Sockets)

Candelabra Sockets are for use with smaller (e-12) bulbs (candelabra bulbs).

500-Series (Miscellaneous Sockets)

These sockets are not in any given category. These are the “other” style sockets.

600-Series (Dimmer Sockets)

These Light Sockets have an “on/off” switch is actually a dimmer. This is a Dimmer Socket that will dim the light bulb.

700-Series (Solid Brass Sockets)

These Light Sockets are our best sellers. Very good quality solid brass sockets for use in pendant lights or lamps.

800-Series (UNO Short Threads)

Designed to work with “UNO” shade holders/fitters, these light sockets have been machined so that the barrel of the socket has UNO threads. This socket screws into an UNO shade holder/fitter.

900-Series (Long Threads w/Rings)

These sockets are designed for use with a shade that has a hole (1-3/8" to 1-11/16") in the center of the shade. The barrel of this socket has extra long threads for use with the two rings that are included with the socket.  If the shade you’re using has a “neck” on it, then chose the 800-Series socket.  


These light sockets are “multiple sockets” already wired together as one. They are designed for when you want to use multiple bulbs in one location evenly spaced. These are black plastic sockets.


When you have your own housing, or are hiding the socket guts in something, these guts work well. These are NOT for use when you will see the socket. They can be hidden in a socket cup or other type of housing. 

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