Vintage Marquee Metal Sign Light Kit - ARCADE

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  • Vintage Marquee Metal Sign Light Kit - ARCADE
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Vintage Marquee Sign Light Kit- ARCADE

Check out our new Vintage Marquee Arcade Light Kits. This is awesome light that is a cool conversation piece. Our ready-to-go kit enables you to make it. Our light comes with all the parts you need to create a complete working light (mounting screws not included). The on/off switch is located on the back (facing the wall) and we include our cool Switch Cover that provides a vintage flare. 

Just like back in the day, our metal reproduction lights are PLUGGED-IN so that they run off electricity, NOT batteries. (Beware of the cheap battery operated versions out there.) 


  • Made of metal and finished in a distressed painted finish. 
  • Measures 30" tall x 9" wide (sticks out 9" from wall) x 4" thick
  • Six (6) clear candelabra bulbs are included. Some of the photos show the optional milky white G16 LED bulbs). You will receive these CLEAR bulbs with this listing unless you choose the LED bulb option. 
  • Only the metal housing is already assembled. The light kit (included) will need to be assembled and the connections to the switch and power cord wired. (a wiring diagram is included but instructions are not included) The wiring diagram can be found in the photos in this listing (the last photo)
  • Two keyholes in the back for mounting (screws not included)
  • Rear door (with latch) allows for access into the housing
  • For indoor use only
  • Due to the size of the box, this light is not included in any free shipping promotions. 
  • Please keep in mind that this light will have imperfections. (We created it that way.) You may find scratches, pits, dents, finish imperfections, paint smearing, small gouges, mold marks, uneven surfaces, etc. This is the way many of our products are and all of these cool imperfections are included at no additional charge. :) 

Here are the parts included with this kit:

--Main metal Housing

--Two 3-harness sockets (Six total candelabra sockets) 

--One 8-ft power cord of black cloth-covered twisted wire

--One Black round plug

--One toggle switch

--One toggle switch cover

--One rubber grommet

--One 2-wire Terminal Block

--Two 3-wire Terminal Blocks

--Six 15W clear candelabra bulbs (optional milky white LED bulbs available for additional cost)

--Wiring Diagram

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