Universal Canopy Base - 10" - Rectangular - Solid Brass - BackPlate

  • Brass Backplate
  • Bass Canopy


Universal Canopy/Base/Back Plate - Cast Solid Brass - 10"

You ever look for a unique ceiling canopy or base for your next lighting project and all you could find are those mass-produced bases from overseas?

Me too.

We couldn’t find anything on the market that was different and unique, so we created our own. We don’t like making things the same way everyone else does. Not meaning to boast, but we think we did an incredible job with this………

Cast of Solid Brass, it is finished with an old-world brass finish. Comes as one piece…no assembly required. 

Overall measurements are 10" Long x 4-7/8”. Rear cavity is 1/2” deep. 

  • Cast Solid Brass finished on front (unfinished on back
  • Center Hole is 13/32" 
  • Mounting Holes (one on top and one on bottom) are 3/16"
  • No hardware included.
  • 10" Long x 4-7/8” wide
  • Empty Rear Cavity is 1/2" deep. 
  • Front surface area measures: 7-3/4"L x 2-5/8"W 
  • Please keep in mind that this base has imperfections. (We created it that way.) You will find scratches, pits, dents, finish imperfections, gouges, mold marks, uneven surfaces, etc. This is the way many of our products are and all imperfections are included at no additional charge. :) 
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