Strain Relief - Clear Plastic (for twisted wire)

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  • Clear Plastic Cord Grip
  • Strain Relief - Clear Plastic (for twisted wire)


Strain Relief - Clear


Our Strain Reliefs attach to all our light sockets. They consists of two pieces (cap and inner piece) that tighten around the wire. 

They are great to relieve the tension of cloth-covered wire. Used for hanging lights, pendant lights, ceiling fixtures, etc. Simply screw the base inner piece into the socket and screw the cap over that piece--it then tightens around the wire. 


These strain reliefs really put a "finishing touch" on a light socket. Look great. They fit all our sockets and all other standard sockets with a 1/8 ips. Has a 5/16" male thread. Measures 1-1/8"L x 5/8"W Black


**These strain reliefs are not intended for round cloth-covered wire. Although many customers have said they used them with the round wire, they are very tight fitting and really don't work with round wire. 

Quantity Discounts Available as low as .45 each

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