Ships Pulley - Cast Aluminum - Antique Black

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Ships Pulley - Antique Black

Our Ship's Pulley weighs a 6 pounds and is ready for your next lighting project or just to hang in your home or office as a cool addition. Use it with our Burlap Wire or Rope Wire and you can create a cool nautical/industrial piece. Also, to add a nice touch, pick-up one of our cool Ship Cleats if you're making a light so you can wrap your rope around it. 


  • Cast Aluminum w/ antique Black finish
  • Measures approx 15" tall, and 4" wide
  • Weighs 6 pounds (due to it's weight, this item is not available for any online shipping promotions. 
  • Please keep in mind that this base has imperfections. (We created it that way.) You will find scratches, pits, dents, finish imperfections, gouges, mold marks, uneven surfaces, etc. This is the way many of our products are and all imperfections are included at no additional charge. :) 
  • **PLEASE NOTE:  There are several pictures of this pulley being used with additional products attached. This listing is for the pulley only. You do NOT get the entire light/lamp/wire/products, etc., with this listing. We included these pictures so that you can see how this pulley can be used. 
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