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Sconce Spotlight Housing - Antique Black

This is a sweet-looking sconce housing you can use for many different things. It's not actually a "spotlight" in the sense that there will be a light beam, but it looks like one. You can basically mount this anywhere you'd like. Would be great to highlight art or wall hangings. If you are not mounting to any sort of canopy of base, you will need to drill a hole for the wire to exit. 

The front (w/ glass diffuser) measures 6" in diameter and the base measures 4". The light protrudes approximately 9" from the wall (or ceiling) and is adjustable up or down via the clutch elbow. 

If you are mounting this housing directly to an electrical junction box, we recommend you use our Antique Black Cast Canopy because it is 5-1/4" and will easily cover a standard junction box (most boxes are 4"). We also recommend a 2-1/4" long threaded rod (lamp nipple) and a Hex Nut to secure the housing to the cast canopy. 

This housing does NOT include any sockets, wire, plug, bulb, etc. This is for the housing only. 


  • Made of solid cast aluminum
  • Front diameter is 6"
  • Front is removeable
  • Protrudes approximately 9" from the wall
  • Base measures 4"
  • Adjustable up and down
  • Please keep in mind that this product is not perfect. It will have some slight imperfections in the finish. We make them that way so that they look "industrial", "old", "used", etc. You're welcome. 
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