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The Mount Everest Metal Box

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One of the most identifiable journeys to Mount Everest was led by Hugh Ruttledge in 1933. Before the expedition, a medicine chest was presented to Ruttledge by Henry Wellcome. Filled with his company’s medical supplies, Wellcome reasoned, it would be the “means of introducing their goods more acceptably, rapidly, & profitably to the medical profession and public”. 

Although medicine chests were not a new idea, that particular chest was essential to their journey and quickly became a simple, yet crucial artifact. In recognition of that, eighty-six years later, we (Vintage Wire & Supply) decided to reinvent our own rendition of it. No longer used for medicine, our multi-purpose metal box can be used for anything you like.

Nearly 16” long and 8” x 8” in width and height, the finish is a deep distressed pewter and the words “Mount Everest” and “1933” are painted on the top and sides respectively. There is one hinge on the inside right side and two 2-1/2” diameter handles on each side. Our box is made of steel and cast aluminum corners for durability and the you've-got-to-see-this-box looks. 

Also, it has purposely been enhanced with smudges, dimples, scratches, marks, etc., to mimic those nostalgic time-worn appearance that’s been carried through many expeditions. It might also have some rust on it because it is metal. Of course, we never charge you extra for all of this character. 

It's not just a conversation piece, you can make an incredible looking light out of this!

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