Metal Earth Globe - Dark Brown

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  • Metal Earth Globe - Dark Brown
  • Metal Earth Globe - Dark Brown
  • Metal Earth Globe - Dark Brown
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The Earth Globe Lamp

Our beautiful iron globe hand-formed into a unique all-metal wire art. Ready to sit on your desktop as is or for you to make a light out of it. 

Regardless of whether or not you add a light to it, the earth looks magnificent. It is chocolate brown in color and has an oil-rubbed finish in most areas of this piece. In other areas, we allowed rust to form to replicate a historic metal globe that could very well have adorned the desk of a dignitary in days gone by. 

THe earth measures 16" in height. The base is 5-1/2" and the globe is approximately 11-1/4" in diameter. No other company makes these in all metal distressed like we do. 

The globe does not rotate freely because of the possibility of the electrical wire and socket twisting and causing safety issues. Regarding lighting it up, certainly, you can use any standard-size bulb that is 3-1/8" in diameter or less, but we caution against using standard white bulbs because it looks incredible with an Edison bulb. A regular bulb would make it look plain and boring.

If you are going to make it into a light, all you would need to do is basically add a socket, wire, an inline switch, and a plug. Regarding a socket, we put in a keyless Oil-Rubbed socket because it matches so well, but you can certainly put whatever socket you'd like in there.   

We may not be making many more of these, so I wouldn't hesitate to click on the "Buy it Now" button above. Many of you hesitate buying products and then they are sold out. I wouldn't wait. 

If you want a complete light (like in a few pictures) so that all you have to do is plug it in, we will make you one (like the photos) for $245 with free shipping.

**Please note that this globe is rusted, distressed, and has other awesome character (please see photos) you won't find on the shelves of those "big box stores".  You will not receive sockets, wire, bulbs, switches, plugs, or other electrical parts with this listing. 

***Please note that in a few photos, this listing shows our globe as complete. All of the wire, switches, bulbs, parts, etc., included in those photos are just to show you what a finished light could look like. This listing is for the earth globe and base together as one unit. 

We do not have a complete parts list that provides all of the parts listed to make a light. That's where your creativity comes into play. If you do want a complete light, we will sell you one for $245 with free shipping. 

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