Hay Trolley Bracket - Antique Black

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  • Hay Trolley Bracket - Antique Black
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  • Hay Trolley Bracket - Antique Black
  • Hay Trolley Bracket - Antique Black
  • Hay Trolley Bracket - Antique Black
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  • Hay Trolley Bracket - Antique Black
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  • Hay Trolley Bracket - Antique Black
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Hay Trolley Bracket - Antique Black

Have you looked at the price of real antique Hay Trolleys lately? (hint....they're very expensive.) 

Introducing our tribute to the hay trolleys of yesteryear. This is not an exact replica nor is it a real antique. It's a cast aluminum Hay Trolley Bracket we made to give you an opportunity to make your own awesome light (or sell it).

Of course, our bracket (and optional kit) won't give you a finished piece, but it's a great start. You'll still need to add some wire and shades/lights and other things you made need for you're particular application/project/situation. If you're looking for a finished light (all you have to do is hang it up), let us know and we'll sell you one like in the first picture for $495.

This listing gives you the upper brackets (2 identical pcs) and lower brackets (2 identical pcs). (see 4th photo). If you just purchase the brackets only, you will be using your own hardware and/or pulley wheels. If you add the Optional Kit, then we provide what's in the 5th photo.  

If you order the Optional Pulley Wheel Kit, you get four (4) Grunge Pulley Wheels (your choice of finish) and the hardware to hold the brackets and wheels together as one piece. Please look at the 5th photo which shows everything you receive with the Bracket and Optional Kit. Please note that we are not providing anything to hang it with. We simply used chain and hooks, but you can hang it however you'd like. 


  • Top Bracket is 10" wide and the height is 8". Top holes on Top Bracket are 7/16" and bottom holes are 3/4"
  • Bottom Bracket width is 19" and the height is 9". All holes on Bottom Bracket are 3/4" 
  • All brackets together as one piece measures: 19"W x 16"H
  • The actual thickness of each individual bracket is 3/8" at the widest point.

Optional Pulley Wheel Kit:

  • The Optional Kit includes the following: 
    • Two 5" Grunge Pulley Wheels
    • Two 3" Grunge Pulley Wheels
    • Threaded Rods (axles) that hold the pulley wheels in place and also hold the top & bottom brackets together. 
    • Large End Caps that fit over the threaded rods for large wheels
    • Hex nuts that fit over the smaller threaded rods (we included 4 small end caps at no additional charge but keep in mind they may need to be reamed to fit the threaded rod. They are meant for gas pipe, not lamp pipe.)
    • Black Plastic Spacers for the smaller wheels. 

How do you make a light with this Hay Trolley bracket and hardware kit?

You will need shades (and shade holders if required), sockets, bulbs, strain reliefs, wire, and a way to hang the piece from the ceiling. The opportunities and creativity is endless. 

Product Uniqueness Disclaimer

This product will have imperfections because we like to create products with character (you're welcome). All of the various blemishes on the product......small pits, scratches, finish flaws, tool marks, paint chips, finger prints, rust, etc., give it a vintage look unseen in modern day "off-the-shelf" products that retail stores purchase for a dime a dozen.

If truth be told, we sometimes tell customers that if they want perfect flawless products, they might want to go to one of those “big box stores” and buy their products so they can buy what everyone else buys.

Simply put, because of our “vintage/industrial old-looking” style, our products are very unique and not for everyone. Take a look at some of the close-up photos and you will see. Please keep this in mind when ordering. Enjoy.

Photographic Disclaimer:

Please keep in mind that there are photos of this Hay Trolley Bracket shown as a finished piece (like in the first photo). Everything in the picture is not sold in this listing. Again, to see the parts you will receive, please see appropriate photos as mentioned in the description above. 








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