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Guitar Metal Sign - 3D Wall Art

We know you. You love music. You love guitars. You appreciate the soothing sound of an acoustic. You envy the sharp sound of an electric. Music is part of your everyday life. Your favorite song. And you love things that no one else has.

You enjoy the best things in life....... and of course guitars rank up there.

You're looking to find something unique for your office, restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or mancave, etc, because you want a where-did-you-get-that conversation piece. Something nobody else has.....or you want to buy this for that special person as a gift. 

This metal wall art is meticulously hand-made and full of character. It's 3D metal art. Very cool. 

Measuring 31" by 16", our nostalgic metal art piece has been painstakingly made with quality in mind. It is made completely of metal with no plastic. None. Matter of fact, we tell our customers to go to the "big box" store if they want cheap products. We make quality products plain and simple.

Weighing close to 8 pounds, this will literally stand out when mounted on your wall. This is not just a piece of metal like the cheesy wall art you can find anywhere else, but rather a work of art with sculptured pieces of metal that form the iconic image. You'll LOVE it. We promise.

There are 2 keyholes on the back for easy mounting to the wall, and a couple of toggles are included. 

Please keep in mind that due to the nature of metal, there will be slight variations in the finish. There will be nicks, scratches, dents, blemishes, etc. That's the way we do things. On purpose. All that character is included at no additional cost. :)

There are times to wait in life............. but this isn't one of them. Click on the red "add to cart" button so we can get yours shipped out right away.


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