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Heart Door Knocker



KNOCK KNOCK: Long before the doorbell, homeowners hung door knockers on their entrance doors. Door knockers have a long history -- they have probably existed as long as houses have had doors -- but it wasn't until the Middle Ages that door knockers became a fanciful house accessory. Bringing the "past" to the present, we have designed our very own door knocker. We chose the heart. Representing love, family, life. 
Adorn your door with a heart door knocker today. Measuring 9" in length and 4-1/2" wide, made of cast iron, and weighing a whopping 4 pounds, this door knocker is sure to be a "heart-felt" edition to the outside of your door. Can also be used as a towel holder or anything else you can come up with.
Two Mounting Screws included. Also, these are brand new, but we purposely enhanced it with smudges, dimples, scratches, marks, etc., to give it that rustic nostalgic look. Of course, we never charge you extra for character like this. :)



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