Deluxe Strain Relief - Satin Nickel (for twisted wire)

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  • Deluxe Strain Relief - Satin Nickel (for twisted wire)
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Deluxe Strain Relief - Satin Nickel Finish


Want to add a distinctive touch to your next lighting project? We designed these Deluxe Strain Reliefs so that your lighting would be set apart from the rest by adding a clean professional appearance. Our strain reliefs are, hands down, the highest quality and best-looking on the market.  Consisting of two pieces (finished cap and inner piece), they tighten around the wire to relieve the strain.  

Used for hanging lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, table lamps, etc., they not only work great, but come in 7 beautiful finishes. 


  • Exclusive Design
  • All-metal finished outer piece that looks great with any project
  • Measures 3/4" Long x 3/4" Bottom Diameter (9/16" Top Diameter) 
  • Top hole is 1/4"
  • Fits 1/8 IPS 
  • Easy Installation: Simply screw the inner piece into the socket and tighten the finished cap over that piece.....the strain relief then grips the wire to hold it in place.  
  • Can be used as a decorative piece on just about anything
  • Does NOT fit 3-conductor cloth-covered round wire
  • Available in 7 beautiful finishes

 These add a beautiful "finished & distinctive" look to any light socket. WOW.

**These fit ALL of our Twisted wire, but NOT our round wire. 

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