Deep Sea Diver's Half Helmet Replica - Steel - Antique Copper finish

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  • Deep Sea Diver's Half Helmet Replica - Steel - Antique Copper finish
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Deep Sea Diver's Helmet Replica Housing - Antique Copper Distressed Finish

**Limited Supply available at this moment. Limit one (1) per customer while supplies last!**

Our latest Diver's Helmet is a super-cool all metal piece that we had custom made for us here at Vintage Wire and Supply. You can't find'em like this anywhere else. It can either be mounted on the wall as decoration or stood-up on a table with the included base. Either way you want to display this, it looks great. 

This is not a completely round helmet because the back is flat and there are two mounting key holes to easily attach it to a wall. There is also a 7/16" hole in the back to mount a light socket (see photo) so that an Edison Bulb looks really nice in it. 

We also include a metal stand (no additional charge) so that it will stand upright on a table if that's how you prefer to display it. 

The front cage (hatch) opens so you can mount a light socket inside if you want. It also allows you to easily change a light bulb. All the other decorative pieces that are attached on the helmet are welded on...they don't unscrew, turn, or move.  

Please keep in mind it's not solid copper, but rather steel with an Antique Copper worn finish that appears to look real. Blow the pictures up and you'll get a better view of all the imperfections... it looks pretty good. :)


  • Hand-made of all metal
  • Approximate Measurements: 19" Height x 14" width x 5" depth 
  • Metal Stand Included at no additional charge (for standing helmet upright on table)
  • Worn and distressed Antique Copper finish (every piece is slightly different and the finish varies. If you want anything close to perfect, this is definately not for you. Take a look at the pictures and you'll see). 
  • Can be made into a light by simply adding a keyless light socket (any), bulb (standard size), strain relief, wire, plug, and switch (if so desired). 
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