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Decorative Shade Holder - Antique Black 

Turn your shade into a cool industrial/nautical piece with our new Decorative Shade Holders.  Our shade holder works with those shades that have a small 7/16" or 1/2" hole in the top of the shade. You can leave it Antique Black ("grayish" in color) or paint it another color of your choice. You can create unique pieces just by adding this piece. They fit over our Derby Shades nicely.

This shade holder includes two black plastic strain reliefs, but they could easily be replaced by your own strain relief if desired. The shade holder also swings back and forth. 

It can also work with shades that have 2-1/4" necks, but you would need a washer on the underneath of the shade to hold it securely in place. Also, if the 2-1/4" neck shade is "shallow" (small height), then the bulb may stick way out of the bottom of the shade and it wouldn't look right. For example, one of our photos shows this shade holder on top of one of our 7" White Dome Shades. In order for that to be secured to the shade properly, you would need a 2" (or bigger) washer like this one


  • Overall Length is 7" top-to-bottom
  • Measures 4-1/4" wide
  • Bottom flat measures 2" diameter (the hole on the shade must be smaller that 2" or this will not work without washers)
  • Aluminum finished in Antique Black
  • Bottom nipple is standard 1/8-IPS
  • This listing is for the shade holder only. Does not include any shades. 

*Please note that these decorative shade holders will have nicks, scratches, smudges, tool marks, embellishments, flawed finish, etc. We have done this purposely to create a character not found on modern day off-the-shelf perfect products.  All of the blemishes are included at no additional charge. Finishes are not meant to be perfect, but old and grungy looking. You're welcome! 

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