Ceiling Wire Holder - Hook - Spider Style

  • SPider light
  • Ceiling wire holder
  • SPider ceiling light
  • Wire Holder
  • Ceiling Strain Relief
  • 2-piece wire holder
  • Twisted wire holder


Ceiling Wire Holder - Black

Our "Spider" wire holders work great when you need to attach wire to the ceiling away from a ceiling canopy. Used for the popular "Spider Lights", these are easy to install and have minimal appearance compared to traditional ceiling hooks. 


  • Made of metal (aluminum) and finished in Black
  • Two-Piece Design
  • Mounting Hole is 3/16" (mounting screws/hardware NOT included)
  • Height is 1-3/16"
  • Diameter is 1" at the base (this is cone-shaped)

Simple instructions:

1. Attach the main base of this holder to the ceiling

2. Place your wire in the main base and then screw in the second piece we provide. 

3. You're finished

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