Ceiling Scissor Arm Bracket - Antique Black


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  • Ceiling Scissor Bracket Light
  • Scissor Bracket
  • Industrial Scissor
  • Scissor Bracket
  • Scissor Bracket Light
  • Ceiling Scissor Arm Bracket - Antique Black
  • Expanding Scissor Light
  • Ceiling Scissor Arm Bracket - Antique Black
  • Ceiling Scissor Arm Bracket - Antique Black



The Ceiling Scissor Light Arm Bracket

Introducing our Ceiling Scissor Arm Bracket. Made of steel and finished in Antique Black, you won't find this quality industrial fixture in Walmart or Ikea. 

This listing is for the bracket only. It does NOT include any wire, shades, ceiling canopies, or other hardware, etc. Please look at the 2nd photo for what you receive.......the bracket itself. 

This bracket is designed to be hung from the ceiling, not the wall. It does not expand and contract automatically (like a spring), but rather you will need to expand/compress to your desired height manually.

Twisted wire can be fed through holes in any pattern you desire. (holes are 9/32" in diameter)


  • Made of steel and finished in Antique Black
  • Scissor arm extends from 6-1/2" to 25". (measurement is from the top horizontal pipe to the bottom horizontal pipe)
  • Width 8-1/4"
  • Please keep in mind that there may be slight scratches, embellishments, surface rust, marks, etc. It doesn't always operate in a perfectly smooth manner either. This is hand-made. This is supposed to look industrial, not brand new. These imperfections are all included at no additional charge. You can see the imperfections in a few of the photos in this listing. Again, if you want something perfect, then you shouldn't be purchasing this listing. 
  • Please keep in mind that we have photos of a finished light to give you an idea of how you can create something, but you obviously don't get everything in the photo in the same way when you see a photo of a bumper attached to a car or a necklace around a woman's neck......you don't get the car or the woman.

If you'd like to make a simple light (kind of like the one we have pictured), here is a general list of the items you will need:


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