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Cast Iron Industrial Tripod - Tabletop size - 7"

Our new Tripod is just the ticket you need to create that table top lamp you've always wanted to make. Made of cast iron and standing approximately 7" tall, it is finished in Antique Black and ready for socket, wire, harp, and shade (and anything else you'll be adding to your new lamp)


  • Cast Iron (unfinished)
  • Adjustable Height: Approximately 7" tall (each leg can adjust a little up or down) 
  • Center Hole is threaded 1/8 IPS (1/8" Nipple/threaded rod included)
  • *Please note that this bracket will have some surface RUST on it. It will also have nicks, scratches, smudges, tool marks, embellishments, flawed finish, etc. All of the blemishes are included at no additional charge. 

Please keep in mind that there are photos in this listing that shows the tripod with other parts/supplies in a completed lamp. This is to give you an idea of how we used the tripod to make a cool lamp. This listing is for the tripod only. No shades, sockets, harps, wire, etc., are included. 

Parts List to make the light pictured in this photo:

Because we've had people ask to make the lamp in the 2nd photo, here is a parts list of that lamp. We give you this information so you can make it for yourself--for home use.  We are NOT taking phone orders for this parts list as we are currently short-handed and very time-consuming. Very sorry, but we hope you understand. If you want to order the parts, please put everything you want in your shopping cart and order online. We do not have instructions. Thanks. 

Tripod-7-HD: This tripod listing

700-SN  Socket 

Dimmer Guts:  You must put these guts in the above socket if you want to make it a dimmer

Dimmer Wheel:  This is the knob for the on/off switch

Six Tube Cap Washers

Six Cap Nuts, Six 1/2" long Threaded Studs, Six Hex Nuts (if you want the decorative nuts on the top tube cap washer.)

Five Brass Couplings 

One 4" Long Threaded Rod (Nipple)

8 Feet of Cloth-Covered Twisted Wire (choose whatever color you'd like. We used Black)

One Plug (use whatever plug you'd like)

One cool-looking Edison Bulb (use whatever one you'd like...we used this one in the photo)



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