Amber Ice Globe - 3" - G25 40W

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40W - Amber ICE Globe 


This 40 watt incandescent bulb features a delightful etched surface in inviting Amber Ice finish. The warm look of the light and the beauty of the round bulb itself will enhance any transparent or open light fixture, especially pendants, downlights, vanity fixtures and display signage. This decorative Bulbrite light bulb is designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Amber Ice finish

What's in the Box: Single Bulbrite 40G25/ICE 40-watt Light Bulb


Product Specifications:
Part Number: 40G25/ICE
Item #:         144015
Size:             40W
Color:            Amber
Voltage:         120 volts
Wattage:        40 watts
Lumens:         130
Package Qty:  1
Type of Bulb:  Incandescent
Dimmable:      Yes
Dimensions:    3-1/2" tall, 3" Diameter (4-3/8" measured full length)


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