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Vintage Car Grill - Kit

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Product Description

Vintage Car Grill Kit -

Our Vintage Car Grill Light Kit is ready for you to make your own cool vintage wall light. We include almost all the parts you need (except some 1/2" pipe/fittings you will need to get yourself...see below) We supply the grill, metal shades (for lights), Pull-Chain Sockets, two 25W Edison Bulbs, Cloth-Covered Wire, Plug, Terminal Blocks, etc.  

Take a look at some of the real car grills selling on the internet. Most are $300-$800. Our replica looks great and is nice quality. Finished Vintage Car Grill Lights go in upwards of $800+. You can make your own for much less than that. 

Please keep in mind that there are no detailed instructions. We provide photos in this listing that show how we painted the red/white grill black, shows the pipe light bracket before mounting, and the light bracket just before we put the grill on it. The grill simply hangs on the bracket after it is mounted to the wall. No screws needed to attach. We go into more detail at bottom of this page in the "What We Did" section. 

If you just want to purchase the grill alone (not the kit), you can go here: Vintage Grill

If you are going to make the kit like ours that will hang on the wall, in addition to our kit you will need to pick up the following parts (1/2" iron pipe/fittings) at a local hardware store (Lowes, Home Depot, Ace, etc.):

Qty   Description

2      ½” Iron Pipe Flanges

2      ½” Iron Pipe Nipple (1-1/8” Long)

2      ½” Iron Pipe (2” Long)

2      ½” Iron Pipe (2-1/2” Long)

3      ½” Iron Pipe Tee

What We Did:

1. Gathered grill, sockets, and shade, and spray painted the parts black. Let dry, then painted a coat of dark orange. Let dry, then painted final coat of silver/brown. Let dry, then distressed grill, sockets, and shade by using "Goof-Off" paint remover. We removed some of the top coats of pain revealing other colors which made a unique combination and "vintage" look. After that, we sprayed some clear coat over those parts. (you can finish in any colors you like or leave it the red color the way it comes to you). 

2. While paint was drying between coats, we began to "dry-fit" the light bracket to make sure everything fit right. Look at the detailed picture of the bracket on the table (w/ labeled parts) to see how it was assembled. Once everything looked good, we disassembled the light bracket and kept parts lined-up in the position they would be re-assembled. 

3. We then cut two pieces of the cloth-covered electrical wire about 18" each. We then un-assembled the sockets and connected the wires to the sockets. After the sockets were wired, we began to assemble the entire bracket working from the outside (starting at sockets) toward the middle making sure the wire is fed through the pipe and everything is nice and tight. We also made sure the flanges were "even" so they would fit on the wall nicely. (if they are cock-eyed, they won't fit flush against the wall) We also ensured the pull-chains on the light sockets were pointed downward so it would be easy to turn on/off either light. 

4. Both wires were fed through the middle Iron Pipe Tee and the wires just hung down for now. Once the bracket was complete, we assembled the main power cloth-covered wire (had a 7" ft piece left) to the wires hanging down from the bracket via the terminal blocks included in the kit. We tied a few small knots in the wire so the connections wouldn't come loose. We also made sure all the black wires were together and the white wires were together. (so we didn't trip any breakers).

5. Once the wiring was completed and we made sure the lights worked, we screwed on the shades, then mounted the bracket to the wall via the pipe flanges. (there are 4 mounting holes on each flange). Then we took the finished grill and hung it on the bracket and took pictures. There you go...........


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