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Rotary Switch "top piece" 

To remove the top piece of the switch, you must push the top piece down while turning it counter-clockwise. If you only turn it counter-clockwise, you will hear a clicking sound but the top piece will not unscrew. You must push it down while unscrewing it counter-clockwise. 


Rotary Switch Knob

We recommend screwing the knob onto the switch as the last step of assembly.

When attaching the knob to the rotary switch, please be careful to ensure it isn't "cock-eyed" when screwing it onto the plastic threaded rod. You are threading metal onto plastic and it can be tricky at times. You screw this on clockwise. Be very careful.

To remove the knob from the switch, you must push the knob down and turn it counter-clockwise. If that isn't working, push a little harder downward and try again. If that doesn't work, you will need to grab hold of the plastic threaded rod (the part the Knob is screwed onto) while you unscrew it so that it doesn't turn. We use small needle-nose pliers or tweezers to grab hold of it. If the plastic threaded rod is not exposed so that you can grab hold of it, then pull up on the knob and the plastic threaded rod will be exposed slightly. You can then grab a hold of the plastic threaded rod (with small needle nose pliers or tweezers) so that you can unscrew the knob. The knob will unscrew counter-clockwise.